The First of its Kind Franchise Opportunity to Own a Cutting Edge Ai Marketing Company.

Traditional marketing agencies are dead. Start your own Ai Marketing Company with our sales franchise model before everyone else beats you to it.

How is ID Match Different?


  • Instant Growth Incentive Points: With ID Match, you get immediate Growth Incentive Points in ID Match Technologies Inc., which can later be converted to shares. You won’t just own a franchise; you’ll own a piece of the entire company.
  • Evergreen Income: Earn monthly recurring revenue on clients who continue with our services month after month, year after year.
  • No Local Territory Restrictions: You heard that correctly! We DO NOT limit your territory to a small local area. Your territory is nationwide!
  • Partners in Success Solution: With ID Match, you get a business-in-a-box ready to fling open the doors and start selling products. Don’t worry! From managing the tech to conducting marketing for the leads you close, we handle the fulfillment.
  • Revolutionary Technology: Our ID Match marketing system combines state-of-the-art technology, including advanced artificial intelligence

Why is Owning a Marketing Tech Business The Right Move in 2024?

The global marketing technology market size grew more than 31 percent in 2023 compared to the previous year. The figure stood at 508.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2022 and increased to almost 670 billion in 2023.”

The MarTech space is booming at an unprecedented rate, and at the forefront of this rapid growth is ID Match. As businesses increasingly rely on innovative technology to drive their marketing efforts, ID Match has emerged as a trusted leader in providing cutting-edge solutions. With a perfect blend of advanced artificial intelligence and lead intelligence strategies, ID Match is revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their target audience.

Who is ID Match?

ID Match is a revolutionary marketing technology company that is changing marketing as we know it. From its proprietary machine learning algorithms to its hyper-targeted ad campaigns, ID Match is disrupting the marketing space with its never-before-seen Ai-powered tools and services.  

We’ve seen a HUGE rise in the demand for marketing services that are quick, effective, and affordable and the only way to offer that is by using the latest Ai technology, which our team of specialists has curated and developed into a master suite of Ai-powered marketing tools.

Our team started the ID Match Franchise opportunity to give aspiring business owners the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain a piece in the BOOMING marketing tech market, with unrivaled benefits, including a stake in the entire company’s success. 


What solutions will you be selling?

When you become an ID Match franchisee, you’ll become part of an exclusive network focused on delivering the most innovative and effective marketing solutions to companies across the nation.

Anonymous Match

Advanced website visitor identification software identifies up to 76% of your client’s anonymous website visitors with the integration of our proprietary ID Match Ai Code. No coding experience required.

Predictive Match

Hyper-targeted “predictive” ad campaign allows your clients to target leads who’ve been searching for industry-related keywords on search engines and pushes these leads to a retargeting Facebook campaign.

Automation and Lead Nurturing

Our Ai-powered software creates personalized and automated email campaigns to nurture leads throughout the customer journey. This helps build stronger relationships and increases the likelihood of conversions.

Next Day Marketing Platform

Emerging and revolutionary development of a marketing platform that will automatically target and nurture your client’s ID Match Ai leads with next day mailers.

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