IDmatch.ai Data Services and Website Privacy Policy

ID Match Technologies Inc. offers data marketing services (the “Services”) with the aim of assisting both for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as the companies collaborating with them, in promoting their products and services effectively. The solutions we provide, outlined on this website, are primarily utilized to enhance email marketing, digital marketing, and direct mail marketing efforts..

We place a high priority on respecting the privacy concerns of individuals whose information is managed and stored in our database. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) is provided to elucidate how we utilize and oversee information, as well as to outline the rights consumers possess in controlling the use of their information in marketing.

For a comprehensive understanding of disclosures mandated by the California Consumer Privacy Act, please refer to our “ADDENDUM FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS” below.

Additionally, we operate corporate websites tailored for our existing and potential customers, as well as individuals seeking information about our services. Section 6 of this Privacy Policy addresses the information collected and used for such business purposes, including details related to communication with our corporate customers and potential clients.

1. Information That We Collect and Use in Our Services

To deliver our Services, we obtain data, including personal information, from various sources, such as websites, apps, public repositories, and other data compilers. Throughout this Privacy Policy, we use the terms “Information” or “the Information” to refer to the data we collect and process.

The Information stored in our database encompasses diverse identifying details, including:

– Personal and professional email addresses
– Information and actions linked to emails, such as recent usage status, volume, and types of marketing or “email open” activities associated with an email
– IP address
– A cookie or device identifier uniquely identifying your browser or device
– Usage data related to email interactions, such as email reception, opening, or response, along with relevant details
– Usage data tied to website interactions, including visits, logins, page views, and associated information
– Demographic information, such as inferred income or age range, household size, and home ownership
– Details about consumer interests, such as preferred product types or other lifestyle indicators, like travel preferences or health and wellness practices.

Some information may be inferred; for example, if a residence is in an affluent area, we might infer a specific income bracket. We reserve the right to merge any collected or received Information points with other Information.

IDmatch.ai also acquires information through this website (and any other operated website) and our business operations, detailed in Section 6.

2. How We Use the Information

ID Match Technologies Inc. uses the Information for various purposes, including the following.

As Part of Our Services:

Data Marketing Services. Our offerings involve furnishing marketing insights to our clients, typically indicating which individuals among their existing or potential customer base are more likely (or less likely) to express interest in specific offers. Additionally, we assist our clients in enhancing their understanding of their customers by providing valuable insights about them. Our clientele comprises various entities, including but not limited to small and medium-sized enterprises, advertising and media agencies, brands, and marketing data platforms that facilitate their customers in marketing and advertising efforts to their own customer base (as well as potential customers). Our clients may also encompass other data compilers collaborating with their own set of customers.

Retargeting Services. At times, we assist our clients in “retargeting” marketing content towards individuals who have visited their websites. Specifically, our services aid customers in sending emails to individuals who have visited or logged into their websites by cross-referencing information such as cookie identifiers and email addresses for this purpose.

Additional Marketing Services. Additional services that we may offer to our clients (or assist them in offering to their own clients), supplementing the aforementioned services, could encompass:

(a) Aiding clients in targeting and optimizing various marketing endeavors, including email campaigns, display ads, or other promotional activities.

(b) Assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by discerning which messages are most likely to capture the attention or engagement of specific consumer segments, or which types of advertisements are most likely to result in purchases.

(c) Analyzing and refining the proprietary databases of our clients (or their service providers).

(d) Assisting clients in identifying and preventing fraud while providing “validation” or data hygiene services. This may involve activities such as verifying, removing, or correcting outdated or incorrect information, and assessing the recent activity of email addresses.

To Operate Our Services

We also utilize the previously mentioned Information for internal purposes, including enhancing, testing, updating, and verifying our proprietary database; innovating new products; operating, analyzing, improving, and securing both our Services and our databases and servers.

3. How We Share Information with Third Parties, including Service Providers

ID Match Technologies Inc. may disclose the Information to customers, marketing services, platforms, and service providers aiding in the provision of the Services outlined above, as well as potential future services. This sharing encompasses the following scenarios:

1. With Our Customers: As previously explained, we license the Information to our customers and, in some instances, to partners and resellers who, in turn, license the Information to their customers. There may be occasions where we share the Information with service providers engaged by our customers, such as a provider responsible for printing or sending mailings.

2. With Our Partners: We may share the Information, including personally identifiable information and Audience Segments, with business and data partners. This collaboration aims to facilitate more customized targeted marketing, advertising, and communications. Additionally, sharing may occur for analytical purposes, assisting these partners in measuring campaign performance, informing future campaigns, or managing, analyzing, or segregating the Information on our or our customers’ behalf.

3. With Our Service Providers: The Information is shared with various service providers to operate, safeguard, and promote our Services and maintain our website(s). This includes sharing with technology, hosting, and customer support providers, marketing and advertising providers, other data providers (for Information enhancement or verification), security vendors, payment vendors (for business-to-business information), and other companies assisting in delivering, securing, or developing our Services.

4. Corporate Transfers: In the event of an acquisition or merger involving IDmatch.ai, its stock, or significant assets, the Information will be transferred to the acquiring or merging entity. Sharing may occur during due diligence leading up to such a transaction.

5. Affiliates, Parent Companies, and Subsidiaries: IDmatch.ai may share some or all of the Information with affiliated or subsidiary companies, should they exist.

6. As Required by Law or to Protect Any Person or Entity: IDmatch.ai may disclose Information if deemed necessary to (a) comply in good faith with relevant laws, respond to subpoenas, or comply with warrants served; or (b) protect the rights, property, or safety of IDmatch.ai, our customers, or any other person or entity.

Our Marketing and Opt-Out Choices:
To opt-out of having the Information used for marketing:

– Visit our opt-out page at [https://IDmatch.ai/optout](https://IDmatch.ai/optout) to have your personal information removed from our database.
– Opt-out of email marketing from a specific brand by clicking on the “opt-out” or “unsubscribe” link in the footer of the marketing email.
– For “direct mail” marketing, consider visiting the DMA Choice website at [thedma.org](https://thedma.org) to manage your marketing preferences.
– To opt-out of Retargeting Services, go to [Opt Out](URL) and click on the “Opt Out” bar on that page. This needs to be done for each browser used, and if browser cookies are cleared, opt-out may need to be repeated.
– Unsubscribe from corporate capacity email marketing by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in the emails received.

5. Cookies and Similar Technologies

Cookies and How We Use Them

ID Match Technologies Inc. and its business partners employ industry-standard technologies, including cookies and similar functionalities, as outlined below. These technologies are utilized on our website, and our partners may use them in their respective marketing services.

We may collaborate with third parties or service providers to provide or enhance our services (e.g., for ad personalization or placing browser cookies) or to enable marketers to access or utilize our Information, often in de-identified form. These partners may establish and access their own cookies, pixels, code tags, and similar technologies on your browser, each with varying expiration periods. Additionally, these partners may gather various information about your browser, device, or browsing activities through the use of these cookies.

Cookies, small data files containing a string of characters like a unique browser identifier, are stored on your computer or device, functioning as tags that identify your device. When you visit a website, our servers (or other companies’ servers) send your device a cookie. Pixel tags, invisible 1 x 1 pixels also known as web beacons or clear GIFs, are placed on certain web pages. When you access web pages, pixel tags generate a generic notice of the visit, allowing our partners (or sometimes us) to read the cookies deployed by a respective company or server. Pixel tags, in conjunction with cookies, track the activity on a site by a specific device. When cookies are disabled, pixel tags simply detect a website visit.

We, along with our service providers and other online marketing platforms we or they collaborate with, may use cookies to, among other things, “remember” you, analyze visitor patterns and trends, gather information about your activities on our clients’ sites, or engage with the advertising you encounter. This use of cookies aims to provide you with relevant content and replace irrelevant communications with ads better aligned with your interests.

Disabling Cookies:
Most web browsers are configured to accept cookies. You may have the option to set your browser to alert you before accepting certain cookies or to reject specific cookies. However, disabling cookies in your web browser may make some features of our website and other services challenging to use or render them inoperable.

6. Data Collected Through Our Corporate Website

Collected Information

ID Match Technologies Inc. gathers information from users of our website(s) (including any page displaying this Privacy Policy), which includes:

– The domain name and IP address of a user’s web browser, along with a user agent, time stamp, and additional details about a user’s browser or device.
– Details regarding the content and pages users access, use, or visit on our website, and their interactions with our content. For instance, this may include the duration spent reviewing a specific blog post or exploring descriptions of particular services.
– Information provided by users, including personally identifiable and contact details. This may encompass survey responses, sign-up information (e.g., for webinars, events, or newsletters), requests for information, mailing addresses, and email addresses.

How ID Match Technologies Inc. Utilizes the Collected Information Through Our Website

We use the information gathered through our website(s) to:

– Establish and manage your user account.
– Provide requested services.
– Communicate and respond to you, including updates and news about our services.
– Deliver offers and advertisements for our products and services as you browse our website(s) or other companies’ websites on the Internet (such as through “retargeting”).
– Present offers and ads for partner brands’ products and services, or other offerings we deem of interest, including event and webinar invitations.
– Conduct data analysis, including market research.
– Combine the information with data from third parties, publicly available sources, and other products or services we provide to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of products and advertisements offered through our services.
– Use IP addresses to diagnose server issues, administer our website(s), identify visitors during sessions, and gather demographic information.
– Utilize clickstream data to determine visitor engagement on each webpage, navigate through the website(s), and tailor the website(s) to better meet visitor needs. This information is also employed for compliance with legal obligations, policies, and procedures, including enforcing our Terms and Conditions.

If we obtain information from “offline” sources, such as receiving your business card at a trade show, we will retain and use that information for marketing and business purposes.


How ID Match Technologies Inc. Shares the Information We Collect Through Our Websites

On occasion, we may share or disclose the Information collected about you, as outlined in this Privacy Policy or as otherwise communicated to you during the information collection process, including:

– Sharing the Information with service providers assisting in delivering requested services or those we provide. This encompasses tech and customer support providers, marketing and advertising providers, other data providers (for Information enhancement or verification), security and data hygiene vendors, payment vendors (pertaining to our business-to-business information), and other entities aiding in the delivery or development of services.

– Sharing the Information for communication and marketing purposes, including through email, direct mail, or display media.

– Disclosing your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or other Information if we have a good faith belief that such disclosure is required by law, regulation, or other government authority, or if it is necessary to protect our rights, safety, or property, as well as that of any person or entity. We may also collaborate with law enforcement agencies in official investigations and disclose Information to the requesting agency as part of this cooperation.

– In the event of a corporate change, such as a merger, consolidation, restructuring, sale of stock and/or assets, or other substantial corporate transaction, where we or a significant portion of our assets are acquired by another company, the Information in our possession will likely be transferred to the successor entity. Additionally, Information may be shared during the due diligence process leading up to such a transaction.

– Our website(s) utilize cookies and similar technologies for internal and operational purposes, as well as for marketing to you (such as retargeting ads when you visit other sites across the Internet).


7. Links
This website may include links to other websites that ID Match Technologies Inc. believes users might find interesting. ID Match Technologies Inc. is not accountable for the privacy practices of these other sites or companies.

8. Security and Data Integrity
ID Match Technologies Inc. implements measures to secure the data within our possession during storage and transmission. These precautions encompass diverse forms of both physical and electronic security, such as firewall protections, encryption, hashing or truncation of data, and personalized access controls to safeguard personal information. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that no assurance, from us or any platform, can guarantee absolute immunity from hacks or illicit intrusion.

9. Changes to this Privacy Policy
Occasionally, we may revise this Privacy Policy. The updated policy will take effect upon being posted to our website. Kindly revisit to stay informed about any modifications to this Privacy Policy.

10. Storage of Information in the United States
If you are accessing our website from a location outside the United States, it is probable that your connection will be routed through servers situated in the United States. All information you provide is likely to be processed and securely maintained on our web servers and internal systems located within the United States. Generally, the information utilized in our Services is stored in the United States. Consequently, it is important to recognize that by accessing this website or engaging in communication with us, the information we collect or receive from you may be subject to laws with privacy standards that are either lesser or different than those in your own country, particularly if you are in a country within the European Union.

11. Your California Privacy Rights
If you are a resident of California, the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) provides certain rights of disclosure, access and deletion of your Information as described below in the “Addendum for California Residents” at the end of this Privacy Policy.

12. Contact Us
ID Match Technologies Inc. has a designated privacy contact. If you have questions related to this Privacy Policy, or regarding our products or services, please contact us: privacy@IDmatch.ai

We appreciate your comments and questions regarding ID Match Technologies Inc. privacy practices.

Last updated: March 29, 2024

Last Modified: March 29, 2024


The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) provides certain rights to residents of California. This section of the Privacy Policy applies if you are a natural person who is a resident of California (“California Consumer”) and uses our Services.

This Addendum supplements the information in the Privacy Policy. However, this Addendum is intended solely for, and is applicable only as to, California Consumers: if you are not a California Consumer (or a resident of California), this does not apply to you and you should not rely on it.

In the below tables and sections, we describe (as required by the CCPA):

1. Our Collection of Personal Information— the types of Personal Information (which the CCPA defines broadly) that we collect, the types of sources we collect it from,

2. Our Disclosure and Sale of Personal Information— the types of recipients to whom we disclose or sell Personal Information.

3. Our Business Purposes — our business purposes for (a) collecting and (b) sharing Personal Information, which are generally the same.

4. Your California Privacy Rights and Choices— what rights you have under the CCPA, for instance, to request that we “opt out” your information from our marketing database (also called “do not sell” rights), or to request categories and personal information that we may have collected about you.

The following sets forth the categories of information we collect and purposes for which we may use California Consumers’ personal information:

Based on your interactions with us, we may gather various categories of information about you, as outlined in the summarized table below. The table further elucidates the methods of collection and utilization for each category of information.

Collection of Personal Information Table

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